The TL;DR:

Wandering Oak Soap is a small, one person (sometimes two persons) creative outlet for its owner, Elizabeth, who finds soap making to be a most exciting combination of science and creativity. Around Christmas time in 2015, she dipped her toes in the proverbial water when she ordered a goat's milk melt and pour block of soap from Brambleberry to give to friends and family as a gift. And that was it, the gateway drug.

Since then, she has been learning how to create new and exciting soaps that reflect her interests and hobbies. Friends took an interest, talked to their own friends about it, commissions came in, soaps were sold, and here we are today. 

More Detail:

Truly, just a nerd - she of nerd-dom and all (well, a lot of) things geek. I like to consider myself a member of a several fandoms (I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes), and the kind of person who has a finger in a great many pots without being fully committed to any particular one. I enjoy things such as cooking, photography, snuggling my husband and pets, gaming (tabletop, PC, and RPG - hi there, fellow DnD group members!), soaping (duh), gardening, attempting to maintain a social life, and archaeology (it's true - I even have a degree in it. Someone actually let me study to dig in the dirt, and gave me a sheet of paper that certifies that I can do it!).

Soaping is something I've always wanted to try, but could never find the time to learn, for various reasons - school, money, time...being a poor student with no money and no time. You know, the normal things. Now that I've gotten out of school and somehow found myself as an adult member of society, I have finally been able to dedicate the necessary resources to learning the lovely and seemingly endlessly creative world of soapmaking.

My day job is a web developer, and soaping is still very much a hobby for me, but I strive to create things of beauty, whimsy, and fun in a sustainable and responsible way...And by extension, spread that joy and love to you, the consumer. I hope that every product you find here at Wandering Oak is something you love and enjoy, and that it brings you peace and nourishment, even if it is only for a few moments a day. Every moment counts!

Thanks for visiting! Now, go do something wonderful today! 

The Name:

The inspiration for Wandering Oak Soaps is multifaceted. First and foremost, it is largely inspired by my mother-in-law who lives in a small town named Live Oak. As a joke, she named a character she plays with my husband and I in an MMO, "[Character Name] of the Living Oak." I see what she did there. I thought it was clever!

In addition, I have always been an itchy feet kind of person. I have a serious case of wander lust, and thankfully, I have been able to find some time here and there among our busy life to do just that. Wander, even locally! It's good for the soul.

​And as if that wasn't inspiration enough, I also happen to be a fan of the Lord of the Rings, and the Tolkien quote, "Not all those who wander are lost." It seemed that given my case of wanderlust and love of the LotR world, the imagery of an ent was fitting.

And last but not least, it was later pointed out to me that Wandering Oaken's Trading Post from Frozen was similar to my desired name, and since I also love Disney, I embraced that unintentional connection to my namesake. 

All of those factors put together, Wandering Oak Soap just...fit my hobby (and business). The name is intimately true to my family and myself, and it really inspires me to create wonderful things!


Logo done by: Niki Nielsen, find her work or commission your own piece here: https://www.facebook.com/vertigone.designs/