Making unique, handcrafted soap - from our heart to your home!

Greetings, Wanderer!

At Wandering Oak Soap, our aim is to provide you with skin-loving, great smelling, high quality soaps that are as unique and as fun as you are!

I take inspiration from all around me when planning each batch of soap - from my nerdy hobbies (DnD, anyone?), to nature and the world around me, my friends and family, and, of course, Pinterest. Ideas are around every corner, if one only bothers to turn on the light.

Each batch of soap is lovingly handcrafted with high quality ingredients including skin nourishing shea butter, cleansing coconut oil, and conditioning pomace olive oil.

All of my oils and butters are of organic or natural origin when possible, and each batch of soap is personally tested in our home (and by some gracious friends who have volunteered as tribu- I mean, to be guinea pigs) before selling. Thus you can rest assured that each bar of soap is gentle and nourishing for your skin, and is tribute approved. Ahem.

Make your bath (or shower, whichever way you choose to suds up) time special with a bar of our handcrafted artisan soap!


Wandering Oak Soap was born out of the long-held desire to learn to make soap and have a fun and creative (yet useful and practical) hobby.

I had always dreamed of having my own little farm where I would raise goats and make goat milk soap to sell at a farmer's market.

Fast-forward a bit, and that's not quite what happened. Instead, life happened. Finding the time (and most importantly - money) to learn soap making was unattainable to me for many years, but still, I held onto my dream of someday learning how to make it.

And then one day at a party, I was talking to a now-dear friend (we'd just met, but instantly bonded over the desire to be crazy goat ladies and make soap) and I realized that hey, I can actually do this now! I'm an adult!

So.....I did! I started reading every Soap Queen blog, filling my cart with Brambleberry products; I watched Soaping 101 on YouTube, all of Anne Marie's videos, Clyde Yoshida, Royalty Soaps - you name them, I watched them! I signed up for several soap-related forums and lurked, reading everything I could. I read book upon book upon book about making cold process soap, hot process soap, melt and pour soap, ALL THE SOAP!

After consuming as much information as I could, I made my very first batch - a boring, unfragranced, uncolored batch of cold process soap. But that was all it took - I was hooked!

That was in December of 2016, and I have been making soap ever since! During that time I have also tried my hands at bath bombs and bubble bars (which are super fun to make), all of which I offer in my shop from time to time.

Over the years, I have primarily sold to friends and family, and friends and family of those friends and family, but I have also sold at a few local markets. I also wholesale to one client, and have recently decided to really try my hand at this Etsy thing. So here we are!

I hope that you will enjoy using Wandering Oak products as much as I enjoy making them!


Where does the name "Wandering Oak Soap" come from, anyway?

The inspiration for Wandering Oak Soaps is multifaceted. First and foremost, it is largely inspired by my mother-in-law, who lives in a small town named Live Oak. As a joke, she named a character she plays with my husband and I in an MMO, "[Character Name] of the Living Oak." I see what she did there. I thought it was clever!

In addition, I have always been an itchy feet kind of person. I have a serious case of wander lust, and have been blessed to be able to travel internationally and around the US to scratch that itch.

I am also a fan of the Lord of the Rings, and the Tolkien quote, "Not all those who wander are lost." It seemed that given my case of wanderlust and love of the LotR world, the imagery of an ent was fitting.

Finally, it was later pointed out to me that Wandering Oaken's Trading Post from Frozen was similar to my desired name, and since I love all things Disney, I embraced that unintentional connection to my namesake.

Considering all of that - Wandering Oak! And so, Wandering Oak Soap was born.

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